The Beginner’s Guide to Wearing Cowboy Boots for Men

Cowboy boots are coming back in style, so it’s understandable that more and more people want to learn how to wear these stunners properly. 

If you’re the same, look no further. This guide can walk you through men’s cowboy boots. 

What Are the Different Styles of Men’s Cowboy Boots?

Traditional cowboy boots have a tall shaft that goes up to your calves, a narrow, pointed toe, and a higher heel to help you with riding horses. On the other hand, roper boots have a higher heel and shorter shaft that stops below your calves to aid in walking long distances and running for roping cattle. 

Short cowboy boots are the shorter versions of traditional cowboy boots used in warmer weather. Meanwhile, work cowboy boots have a thick rubber sole to provide traction and protection on uneven, hard surfaces. They also have a wider and rounder toe reinforced with steel to provide better protection to the wearer. 

As for exotic cowboy boots, they are made from uncommon or rare materials, such as caiman tail, crocodile leather, and more. But if you want to go for that wow factor, opt for dress cowboy boots made from premium materials and feature intricate stitch work and embroidery.

What Type of Cowboy Boots Should You Wear?

 Since cowboy boots were traditionally for horseback riding, you need to choose those with a narrow toe and a tall heel to keep your feet squarely in stirrups. If your feet are on the broader side, it’s better to select cowboy boots with a cutter toe. 

Your waterproof cowboy boots should also have thick soles and good ankle support, so you have protection when you walk over thick branches and rocks. However, if you want to wear cowboy boots for construction work, pick out the ones specifically designed for it. These cowboy boots come with steel and composite toes, which protect your feet from injury.

In addition, cowboy boots also have thick soles for traction and protection, so you will not slip on uneven and slippery surfaces. Besides these physical activities, you can wear cowboy boots for formal events such as weddings. For example, you can match your Lucchese Harmon boots with your designer Western wear

What Materials Are Men’s Cowboy Boots Made From?

Leather has always been the pinnacle of luxury Western wear. The majority of cowboy boots are made from full-grain leather because it perfectly captures the traditional and rugged Western spirit due to their minor imperfections. Top grain leather is also a popular choice next to full-grain leather.

It is also considered as an accessible premium leather since most parts of its surface can be mended instead of cutting away like what you do with full-grain leather. And while most cowboy boots are made from leather, shoemakers have started using other materials as alternatives. If you are looking for a non-leather option, these cowboy boots are for you.

Modern technology has changed the ways shoemakers create cowboy boots. It is now common to find a pair of cowboy boots made with synthetic materials. It is also typical to see cowboy boots made with leather and synthetic materials, which are often done to give wearers a more comfortable experience.


Traditional cowboy boots are not only great additions to your closet, but they are also an investment in quality footwear. If you want to look and feel like a real cowboy, get a pair of cowboy boots and wear them anywhere.

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