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4 Essential Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are popular nowadays and even becoming a hit among the younger generation, as street style. New shoe releases on all major shopping sites prove it. Certain outfits do go well with cowboy boots. 

However, wearing cowboy boots and other Western attire may make you look like you are going to a Halloween party. So, you need to make sure you’re wearing those awesome cowboy boots correctly, that it becomes a fashion statement, not a fashion blunder.

Here are four essential do’s and don’ts of wearing cowboy boots:

Cowboy Boots Dos

  • Wear with Jeans

Cowboy boots were made for jeans! You won’t go wrong with cowboy boots and jeans combination. If you’re going to wear cowboy boots, you have to pair them with a well-fitting pair of denim jeans. 

Like other clothing, cowboy boots may be worn with denim in various ways. Wear them with worn, distressed, high-waisted, or slim-fit. You can also wear your fashionable cowboy boots with flowery jeans, leather jeans, or faded denim.

  • Wear with Long Skirts and Dresses

You can wear cowboy boots with mid-length to long skirts and dresses. For example, you can wear your fashionable cowboy boots with a long, flowing A-line dress or a midi dress that sits just below the knees. In addition, it can go with a maxi dress, which is longer but not floor-length.

  • Wear with a Belt

Cowboy boots with a belt help you adjust the boot’s length and tighten it to your comfortability. It also helps keep your trousers or jeans from getting loose whenever you wear cowboy boots. In addition, a belt can also add a pop of color and style to your look.

  • Wear with T-Shirts

You can wear cowboy boots with a variety of T-shirts. For example, you can wear a casual and clean-cut look by pairing your classy cowboy boots with a basic white tee. Moreover, the boots can also be paired with a simple graphic T-shirt.

Cowboy Boots Don’ts

  • Don’t Wear with Shorts

Wearing very short bottoms is not advisable with boots because you will look like you’re about to go ride a horse or a bull unless you are. Also, it will ruin your whole outfit by making you look like you’re going to a Western-themed costume party. If you want to look fashionable, avoid wearing outfits that look like a costume.

  • Don’t Wear with Leggings

Contrary to some people, cowboy boots do not look good with leggings. Cowboy boots are a bit too fancy to be paired with leggings. They are considered more of a fashion shoe, while leggings are best paired with more casual footwear. It will be better if you wear cowboy boots with knee-high socks instead.

  • Don’t Wear with Pants That Have a Loose Fit

Wearing cowboy boots with loose-fitting pants will make you look bulky. Make sure the pants fit you perfectly to avoid any issues when wearing cowboy boots with the wrong outfit. If your pants aren’t tight enough, they will just drag the ground, making you look like you’re wearing stilts.

  • Don’t Wear with a Short Bottoms

Don’t wear that skirt that’s too tight and make the calves of your cowboy boots bulge out because you will look like you’re wearing clown shoes. This is because they also highlight your ankles because of the pointed toe box of the boot.


Cowboy boots are the ultimate choice for men and women to wear when lounging at home or going out. However, these shoes’ pointy toes and high heels may not be appropriate for all clothing items. Like any other fashion item, cowboy boots look good with specific clothing items, and they do not go well with others.

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