A Guide to Ensure Your Lucchese Cowboy Boots Are Authentic

If you have ever owned or purchased a pair of cowboy boots, you know how important the fit is. The main reason people buy a pair of cowboy boots is the comfort they bring. Cowboy boots can look good, but if they do not fit well and provide comfort, you will never want to wear them.

Buy your next pair of cowboy boots from a reputable vendor because you will want them for years. When you shop for authentic Lucchese cowboy boots, you’re purchasing premium cowboy boots designed for the working cowboy.

If you plan to buy a second-hand pair of these boots or purchase them online, make sure you get an authentic product from a legitimate shop. Here is how you can ensure that your Lucchese cowboy boots are genuine, so your money won’t go to waste.

1. It Should Have Quality Leather

One of the most common ways people can tell if their Lucchese boots are real or fake is by looking at the leather’s quality. Authentic Lucchese cowboy boots have exceptional, top-grade leather.

Some people say that you can distinguish between authentic and counterfeit by the smell. There will be a particular smell to the real leather, which is noticeably different from the faux leather smell. 

Another clue is the presence of imperfections, such as surface pores, scratches, and creases. Meanwhile, fake leathers would look too perfect and spotless.

2. Must Have Elaborate Stitching Pattern

The stitching pattern on the boots and the lining should be intricate and complex. The stitching helps make the boot easier to wear because it allows air to flow in and out of the shoe from each seam.

Lucchese cowboy boots are known for their intricate stitching patterns. A lot of time is spent during the stitching, so it is essential to look out for imperfections. Take note that the stitching pattern is symmetrical and even on both boots.

The stitching must be without any loose strings hanging and not overly done. If you notice loose threads, it indicates that the boots are counterfeit.

3. Soles Should Be Stitched, Not Glued

An excellent way to tell if your soles are glued or stitched is to look inside your boots. See if there is a nice embroidery at the very bottom of the soles. If there is, the soles are stitched.

Lucchese cowboy boots are made from one piece of leather from the sole to the upper part of the boot. That allows the boot to stand upright and not seem wobbly.

4. Has the Stamp of Authenticity

If you want to be 100 percent sure that your boots are authentic, you should check the stamp of authenticity of the shoes. It should be present on the leather, placed above the stitching.

Always check the authenticity of your boots, and if you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to ask questions.


You should get your pair of authentic Lucchese cowboy boots from a reputable vendor. The most popular places to purchase them are from the Lucchese store. However, if you are looking to buy a pair at a lower price, you can shop second-hand or online. You can look for a vendor you can trust or purchase from a reputable online store. Make sure that you ask the seller to send you a picture to confirm the authenticity of the boots!

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