4 Essentials of a Rustic, Western-Style Wedding

Trends in wedding design tend to emerge over the years—one of the latest being a rustic, western-style wedding. While every couple has their own taste, style, and vision, these trends help them create the perfect look. The wedding design is charming and elegant, with the added bonus of letting you create most of the decorations yourself to make them feel more vintage!

Here are the must-haves of a rustic, western style wedding:

1. A Charming Venue in the Great Outdoors

A western-style wedding is all about the great outdoors; it really is the key to creating the ultimate rustic vibe. Still, it’s incredible how even the perfect indoor venue can still be transformed into a rustic wedding with the right decorations, flowers, and lots of candles.

Choose to host a rustic wedding in a garden, beach, or park. A park wedding can be the perfect alternative if you don’t have the time or budget for a destination wedding. Not only is it versatile, but it’s also affordable.

A gorgeous green meadow, a secluded forest, a mountain ranch, or a romantic beach can also be the perfect setting for a rustic wedding venue!

2. Vintage Decor and Rustic Pieces

A rustic, western-style wedding is all about adding vintage details and decor. Decorate the venue with pictures, vintage suitcases, lanterns, old clocks, and plants.

Choose unique pieces that you can use to decorate your rustic wedding. Some examples are:

  • a chalkboard for table numbers and thank-you notes
  • vintage suitcases for decorating the entryway
  • fabric swatches for table numbers
  • old books

Get rustic chairs and tables to welcome your guests. Add a little splash of color and make some of your own rustic signs and crafts, like these wooden boxes, place cards, and rustic fans.

3.Western Attire for the Wedding Entourage

Modern weddings mix traditional and contemporary styles, but a rustic, western-style wedding makes it even more versatile by adding western touches to the attire. This can be seen in the clothing of the wedding party, the bridesmaids’ dresses, and the bride’s dress.

The bride’s dress can have a western flair with its silhouette or details. And the groom and the groomsmen’s western suits can have a modern twist.

Your wedding bouquet should be simple and elegant. Flower crowns are also a modern touch, and they add a little bit of color to your ensemble. If you opt to include flowers in your bouquet, choose soft, dusty colors that can easily match the rest of your wedding attire.

4. Southern-Style Catering

You can choose to have a caterer who can provide the perfect food for a western catered meal. If you are having a buffet, make sure to include casual and rustic items like pulled pork, sandwiches, and chicken skewers with a variety of fresh salads.

Southern food is typically characterized by dishes using ingredients like corn, savory, and rich sauces. It also features fresh vegetables and fresh herbs, and spices.

The food should be comforting and delicious and include dishes like fried chicken, mac and cheese, barbecued brisket, pulled pork, and warm, savory soups. Balance your menu with lighter dishes like fruit and cheese trays, fresh salads, and sandwiches.


Wedding design trends are constantly changing, meaning the rustic, western-style wedding is still new and up-to-date. You can incorporate some of its elements in your wedding or have a full-blown rustic, western-style wedding. Either way, having a rustic, western style wedding is a fun and versatile design choice.

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