Factors to Consider When Finding the Right Pair of Boots

Boots are not only functional, but they are also quite stylish. But before you go buying a pair, you should determine what you will be doing in these boots.  

  • Will you be working with cattle?
  • Or will you be two-stepping?
  • Will you be giving a TED talk?
  • Are you walking on a runway?
  • Are you going to fix a sewer system?

You need to think of these before buying because it will determine the type of boots you will be wearing. Secondly, you also need to consider the statement you want to make. 

Let us say that you want to project your sophisticated personality. It would be best if you sought high-heeled and edgy boots. If you are going for a tough, rugged, and bold look, you should look for boots with a pointed toe and a heel.

You can go for a sleek pair of boots with a pointed toe and a rounded heel for a more feminine look. The most important thing to remember is to choose a pair of boots that will make the statement you want to make. The kind of boots you wear will show the type of person you are.

Continue reading for a simple guide on choosing the perfect pair of boots. 

Shaft Height

The 12-inch shafted boot is the most popular style, but you can also find shorter and taller boots. To get a cowboy look, you can wear tall boots to give you the illusion of height.

These boots are also great to wear with jeans because they cover up the lower leg of the jeans and make you look taller. The boot is still a popular choice of footwear to this day, particularly in America’s Western states. The cowboy boot is a popular choice of footwear for both men and women because it looks fashionable and is comfortable to wear.

Heel Height

Generally, two different kinds of heels are common to cowboy boots: the lower roper-style heel and the higher-riding heel, which can be 3/8 to 2 inches. Roper heels mimic dress shoes, says Paul Hedrick of Tecovas, a Texan boot maker. The higher heel provides more flexibility, he says.

Each style has a different purpose. Roper heels are what most cowboys wear and should be your default choice, especially if you are looking for a simple, classic, real-deal cowboy boot. They are the shoes John Wayne wore. 

Toe Style

Toe shape dramatically influences the type of boot you wear, so think carefully about which style of toe you choose. More traditional or rugged and practical boots will have a narrower “traditional” manner; however, less classic boots come in a range of toe shapes. 

Round-toe boots tend to be more conservative than their counterparts. If a more traditional style is your goal, choose round toes. However, if you are interested in something flashier, or if you want boots to wear with your rockabilly or punk outfits, you may prefer square or pointy toes. Pointy toes go by various names—roach killers, rakes, pointy-toed boots—and are favored by the fashion-forward crowd.


Cowboy boots will never go out of style. You can wear it with a dress or with denim. All you need to do is find the right pair for your outfit. 

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