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Western wear is more popular than many people think. Whether you’re rocking a cowboy hat, a pair of cowboy boots, or stylish belts, there are many items you can shop to please your inner cowboy or cowgirl.

One of the benefits of western wear is that it’s available for both men and women. If you’re shopping for unique styles and accessories from high-quality brands, the Mavericks store is for you!

My stores have everything you need for western clothing and accessories in Santa Fe, NM, so whether you want to get dressed for a special occasion, or you want to get nice styles for your general aesthetic, feel free to visit our website’s different sections!

Keep reading if you want to know more about the western clothing world, and how men, women, and kids can now enjoy from high-quality products from my store.

What Does Western Wear Mean?

Vintage Collection - Tencel Tunic, Soft Blue

First, let’s address what we mean when we say “Western.” Western wear, in essence, is a category of clothing, jewelry, and accessories that derives from what was worn in the 19th Century Wild West, which represents American frontier clothing.

Most of these clothing accessories and styles were made popular thanks to Western films and television series, as well as some artists. While your typical western collection will still be a fashion option in the Southwestern and West US, all of the accessories you can shop at Mavericks are perfect for you, regardless of where you live in the country.

One of the greatest things about western styles is that they’re associated with country music too, which is one of the most popular music genres to this day.

Western items don’t only involve clothing. People also buy home items in these styles to decorate and/or follow a local tradition. Still, people are more likely to shop for clothing and jewelry instead of home items.

Overall, western wear includes:

  • Hats
  • Shirts
  • Trousers
  • Skirts
  • Coats
  • Footwear
  • Neckwear

On the other hand, the most common western pieces include shirts with pearl snap fasteners, cowboy/cowgirl hats, blue jeans, leather belts, cowboy/cowgirl boots, and vaquero design accents throughout all of these pieces. Some designs for boots feature embroidery and leather, making them some of the most popular clothing pieces.

Clothing Pieces and Accessories Explained

If you’re planning to shop at the Mavericks store, you must understand how each of these pieces has influenced the life of many people. The following section explains the origin of some of the most popular western pieces, including clothing, jewelry, and more.

Western Hats (Cowboy Hat)


Hats are, by far, the most common western item for you to shop. There have been several different types of hats for people to buy, each one with a different shape. Overall, you could shop for a bowler hat, a slouch hat, or even a sombrero.

Sombreros were among the most popular hats back then since they were less likely to blow out off in the wind. However, the Stetson also became one of the most popular hats back in the 1870s.

Some models for western hats included stampede strings so that they didn’t fall off the person’s head. If you’re looking for quality western hats for you or your kids, feel free to shop on the Mavericks website.


MINTBOOT12-scaledDid you know that western boots have the particular style they have because of functionality? Many people believe that the interesting design for cowboy/cowgirl boots was due to style reasons.

Back then, cobblers were responsible for making boots. The boots were made to protect cowboys’ and cowgirls’ legs and feet while they were riding horses or during hikes. Overall, the first pair of western boots were seen back around the 1860s, making them a fairly old piece.

Today, you can shop for boots made from different materials. These include snake leather, alligator leather, kangaroo leather, or ostrich leather. People can wear these boots for hours without feeling uncomfortable.

While you may not need western boots for functionality, they still provide style. You may even wear them if you decide to go horseback riding one day! When you go shopping for boots, make sure that you choose a pair that fits your style and needs.

Sandals are an alternative to boots. However, sandals don’t offer the same comfort as boots, but they provide much more breathability for your feet.

Shirts and Coats

women jacketShirts are known for having a stylized yoke on the back and front. These items are commonly made of denim, tartan, or chambray fabric, and they often feature long sleeves and snap pockets.

Western dress shirts, on the other hand, are known for having piping, contrasting yokes, and embroidered roses. These are truly an amazing piece you can purchase, whether you choose denim, tartan, or chambray. There are also many brands for you to choose from and create the perfect outfit.

On the other hand, coats were also a common item used by the average cowboy and cowgirl. Some of the most common coats include frock coats, ponchos, fringe jackets, duster coats, and more.

Today, you will mostly find leather jackets, which also play a big role in biker culture. If you’re a cowgirl, you can go for a bolero jacket, a denim jacket, or a fringe jacket; all of these are great options that will make your beauty shine even more.

Jeans, Trousers, and Skirts

DDL-079RingofFireBoot_2000x-scaledTrousers/jeans were typically made out of wool back then. However, after the years passed, people started to create denim overalls with copper rivets, which also became popular among cowboys. Most of these items were created with leather chaps to protect the cowboy’s legs from cactus spines.

Today, you will mostly find Levi’s jeans, Wrangler jeans, and other brands.

On the contrary, the average cowgirl used to wear knee-length prairie skirts, suede fringed skirts, or gingham dresses. Saloon girls played things a bit differently by wearing red dresses with stockings, garter belts, and corsets. After World War II, women started to wear jeans too.


BELT_BLK1-scaledThe western belt goes back to the 1920s when Levi Strauss created jeans with belt loops. When this product came along, cowboys stopped wearing suspenders to start wearing this item. The reason is simple; the belt was much more convenient.

A great thing about the belt is that there are hundreds of different design choices. If you go shopping for this item at our store, you will notice a wide variety of colors, materials, and belts.

My product listing includes premium-quality buckles, concho belts, and native American-made products. Keep in mind that these are not your common belts. The store is filled with outstanding pieces that will make your outfit shine.


What can be said about western jewelry? Aside from hats or boots, jewelry had a huge variety of options for people to choose from. Whether you’re a cowboy or cowgirl, there is certainly an option for you.

Some popular western options include cuff bracelets, buckles, watch fobs, cuff links, bolo ties, tie jewelry, earrings, rings, necklaces, and more. Considering how many pieces of jewelry are available on the market, you will certainly spend some time looking for the perfect option.

What Can You Find in Women’s Western Wear?

girl wearing red bootsMy selection of boots, hats, and clothing is what your inner cowgirl needs! If you’re looking for a stylish hat, feel free to look for one in the “Accessories department.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for great clothing pieces for a cowgirl, I have a wide selection of jackets available, including suede, fringe, leather, and more. If you want to take things more simply, I also have a selection of western tops and vests for you to enjoy.

Finally, regarding boots, there are many colors to choose from. You can go from embroidered leather boots in a white color, which is popular, or you can also go for something more extravagant like a pair of boots with a cactus overlay.

What Can You Find in Men’s Western Wear?

The selection in the Mavericks store goes beyond cowgirl options. Cowboys deserve some love too! If you’re looking for jackets, my selection includes mostly leather jackets since those are the most popular.

On the other hand, feel free to choose from regular black boots to boots with alligator leather. This store has just what people need to get the best western experience possible.

Is Western Wear Trendy?

rodeo belt buckle It may not seem like it, but western wear is still in the fashion industry, even after these couple hundred of years. You may still see artists like Dua Lipa rocking western boots, hats, and more. On the other hand, you may also find country artists using western clothing on a daily basis.

While western wear is in style this year, it doesn’t mean that it’s a popular option for everyone. Still, if you’re going for a unique style for a photoshoot or event, western wear is something that will make you stand out among the rest!

You don’t have to worry about buying western clothing and accessories for one-time scenarios. Western culture won’t die any time soon, so you can rest assured that your clothing pieces will still be relevant for many years (and even decades) to come.

How Can You Choose the Perfect Outfit for You?

Brand_Caite-2Everyone has a different body and clothing needs. What works for you may not work for someone else and vice versa. You must always choose something that complements your personality in the best way possible. While you can simply go and copy your favorite influencer’s style, it would be even better if you took the time to create the perfect outfit.

First, I recommend you start with versatile base pieces and then add accessories. Make sure to add as many layers as you consider appropriate, as long as they feel good to you. Finally, you can start adding some accessories like a hat and finish off with your favorite footwear.

Another thing I recommend if you’re going for a western style for the first time is not to go all-western at first. You can simply choose one or two pieces, and then work your way up to a fully-western experience.

In the end, it’s all about personal taste, and you can also go online for advice on what the best accessories are for your particular body.

Check My “Specials” Page for Premium Products

Are you looking for western pieces that will make your friends and family open their jaws wide? We have a special selection of premium products for you to look at. If you’re willing to spend more money on your outfit, then feel free to take a look!

Go into the Mavericks Store for Unique Designs and a Wide Collection of Western Accessories

Lane Boots - Junk Gypsy - Spirit Animal Shortie, BlackThere’s nothing better than changing up your clothing style from time to time, and what better way to do it than with western clothing? Thanks to decades of clothing evolution, you can find hundreds of different pieces today that will fit your needs and personality. There are also many clothing experts online that can help you find that perfect outfit.

If you’re looking for these excellent clothing pieces in Santa Fe, NM, the Mavericks store is for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a hat or a stylish shirt; the chances are that my store has it.

Go into the Mavericks Store for Unique Designs and a Wide Collection of Western Accessories

You can contact my store by filling out a contact form at the bottom of the website with any questions. Then, I will get back to you as soon as possible with the response. On the other hand, you may also find the Mavericks store on its different social media pages so that you stay up to date on the latest western trends!

Bottom Line

I hope this article has helped you! Feel free to browse my website for more information on western culture and clothing pieces. You won’t regret it!

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