Tips on How to Buy Cowboy Boots That Fit You Perfectly

Every person must have daydreamed about wearing cowboy boots at least once in their life. And who wouldn’t? They are a unique type of footwear that often makes any outfit stand out. They can appear chic, cool, and tough at the same time. But they can also be gloriously unapologetic and loud as you want them to be—really, it all depends on your style preference and personality. 

Cowboy boots are not only fashionable but also practical. Each cowboy boot’s fit varies depending on the brand, style, and leather used. If you’re planning to get yourself a pair, it’s critical to choose something both comfortable and well-fitting. Because of its unique shape and fit, there are a few other factors to consider as well. 

If this is your first time shopping for cowboy boots, the sections below will provide you with some tips to help you pick the best cowboy boots for you.

Mind the Socks

The socks worn when putting on cowboy boots are one of the most ignored components of the buying experience. When trying on your cowboy boots, make sure you’re wearing your usual socks. Its thickness will affect your fit and comfort.

It will be challenging to know if the boots fit properly without matching them with a suitable pair of socks. If you’re buying cowboy boots for the first time, you might want to invest in calf-high boot socks or sports socks.

Take Note of the Style and Material

You will have three types of cowboy boots to choose from: western, exotic leather, and cowboy boots with pointy toes. If you’re looking for a basic cowboy boot, you’ll most likely wind up purchasing conventional western cowboy boots. They are typically made of full-grain leather and come in a variety of styles

If you want to stand out, you might enjoy a pair of exotic leather cowboy boots. Keep in mind that the boots’ material can also affect how rigid it can be to wear.

Gauge the Fit around the Ball of the Foot

To achieve a perfect fit, stand up after putting on the cowboy boots and distribute your typical weight evenly on each foot. The broadest section of the boot should comfortably fit the ball of your foot. Try on a different size if the ball of your foot is sitting too far back or forward.

Besides testing the ball of your foot, you also need to get the right measurements according to your feet’s comfort. Stand up and look down at your foot straight down to see if the width you are wearing is correct. Your cowboy boots should be snug—but not so tight that they suffocate your feet. If the sides of your shoes are too snug, you should pick another pair with a wider first.

Don’t Ignore Your Toe Room

There should be enough toe room in your cowboy boots when you wear them. Each person’s foot is unique, and some people have longer toes than others. So you have to make sure that you should have at least a thumb’s length between the end of your boot and your toes. 

For added protection, many manufacturers include toe caps in their cowboy boots. If this additional feature bothers you, you may need larger boots.

Observe How the Boots Affect Your Arch

Your foot’s arch should be completely aligned with the boot shank. Some people’s arches are higher or lower than others. So even if the boots fit perfectly on someone else’s with the same foot size as you, they might not be for you if you have different arches.


Of course, it goes without saying that before anything else (especially before purchasing them), take the cowboy boots for a test run. Just stand up and walk around to test them out. Some brands will have a tighter fit around the arch of your foot for increased support, which you won’t notice if you try them on while sitting. Do this test run with at least your top three choices to find the one you’re most comfortable in.

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