Introducing the Bohemian Style: How to Dress Like One

Do you enjoy wearing soft fabrics and flowing, non-restricting clothing? Then you might be a bohemian at heart. Bohemian style is more than just a fashion trend or dress style; it is a way of life. If you have a Bohemian-like personality, you probably live an unconventional lifestyle and follow your own rules.

You may not have a clue what the Bohemian style is all about, but you may already be living it. Are you a free spirit? Do you dream of living in a world of peace and freedom? Do you enjoy wearing soft fabrics and flowing, non-restricting clothing? If you answer these questions with a resounding “yes,” then you might just be a Bohemian at heart.

Bohemian Style: What It Is and How to Dress Like It

Bohemian style is one of the most iconic trends in recent times. It is a fashion style for people who are non-conformist and want to stand out from the crowd. Bohemian fashion is ideally all about being comfortable.

The clothes are loose and flowing. Some might even call it a style of “girly grunge.” The clothes and accessories in the bohemian style may appear messy at times and even a bit disorganized.

It might be “messy” in conventional standards, but that is the whole point. If you dress like a Bohemian, you are not trying to look like everyone else. You are just trying to be yourself.

The Bohemian Fashion Signature Look

Dressing like a Bohemian is all about having fun. You can easily do so without even trying. It is what it is, and you are who you are.

At the heart of the Bohemian style is dressing in comfortable clothes. If you dress like a Bohemian, you usually wear clothes that are loose and flowing. You also love wearing clothes that are in soft fabrics.

The clothes for the boho style usually have ruffles or frills. They can be shirts, tops, skirts, or dresses. You combine different pieces of clothing to create an eclectic look. You may also wear sneakers with a skirt or a bohemian-style hat with pants. Stylistic rules are there to be broken.

Tips on How to Dress in a Bohemian Style

Want to dress like a Bohemian? Here’s what you should do:

1. Look for Flowy Pieces

One of the biggest tips on dressing like a Bohemian is to look for flowing pieces. The boho style is all about dressing in loose and free pieces. 

Long, flowing skirts with capris, for example, are a big yes for the Bohemian style. Look for flowing tops and smock dresses. You can also wear a long flowing skirt with a flowing top to create a boho-chic style look.

2. Layer Your Clothing

You can create a boho-style look by layering your clothing. For example, you can wear a flowing skirt with a silk blouse. You can also wear a flowing top with a pair of distressed jeans.

3. Always Have Accessories

You can never have too many accessories. You can wear a scarf as a skirt or a belt. You can also wear a scarf over your shoulders. Remember, Bohemian-style clothing is all about having fun.

4. Choose Earthy Colors

The Bohemian style is usually associated with nature and earthy color schemes. It uses natural colors such as faded autumn browns, leafy greens, and subtle burnt oranges. 

5. Find the Right Shoes

You should never forget your shoes. Shoes are an essential part of the Bohemian style. If you don’t have the right shoes for your boho look, you need to get some. The ideal shoes for the Bohemian style are brown, gray, or white sandals. You can also wear platform sandals or flat boots.


Dressing like a Bohemian is more than just wearing a specific type of clothing. It is a way of life. People with a boho-centered personality do not really care about the status quo. They follow their hearts and live their lives their way. In the end, the Bohemian fashion style is all about having fun and dressing in a unique way, so be free to wear anything you like.

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