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Bold Fashion: How to Find the Right Native American Jewelry

Accessorizing can take your outfit to an all new level or make it downright tacky. You have to choose your accessory wisely to get the desired effect.

Jewelry is an important symbol of status in the United States and other countries. Attractive jewelry may be worn to elevate one’s social status. Women wear it to impress potential mates, while men wear it to display their wealth and good taste. 

On that note, is it vulgar to wear Native American jewelry when it is not your heritage? It is not. On the contrary, you show reverence for their culture, but you have to acquire your accessory from an actual Native American. Doing so will mean that you acknowledge their contribution to society. Most importantly, they can tell you the significance of Native American jewelry

The question is how to find the right accessory for you. Here are some elements to consider:

Be True to Yourself

Do not try to dress like someone you are not. The key is to be yourself and dress accordingly. 

If you do not feel comfortable with it, move on to the next. Always remember, it is different for everyone.

Some find it hard to wear ethnic jewelry for personal reasons. For example, a person who supports Native American rights may oppose the exploitation of people and natural resources. 

Respect Cultural Heritage

The cultural heritage of your ethnic jewelry plays a role in determining whether this type of jewelry is tasteful or tacky. Some varieties, for example, are based on religious beliefs. 

If you wear a Native American necklace, you may be perceived as someone who denigrates Native Americans. It is the case if you do not know the meaning of the jewelry you wear or if you wear it as an accessory to provoke people.

Some people are proud of their heritage and display it clearly on their clothing. Others are modest and do not declare such an essential part of their culture. That is why it is necessary to understand their origins and respect their heritage.  

If you want to wear Native American jewelry, do so with the utmost care. If you are not familiar with the culture, ask your parents or friends, or do some research.  

Be Daring

 It is important to be daring when wearing ethnic jewelry. It is a great conversation starter, and people may approach you to talk about it. If you are reserved in your personality, wearing ethnic jewelry can help you open up.

What is bold for some people may not be daring for others. It all depends on the person. For example, wearing an African hair clip to the office may be daring, while others will find it tacky. 

If you are not sure whether you are wearing the jewelry tastefully and daringly, go for a simple, elegant piece. Take care to wear it in a manner that does not offend people.


What you wear, whether it is a simple black outfit or ethnic jewelry, should be in good taste. To wear something tastefully, you should understand its cultural background.

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