5 Style Tips to Pair Your Jewelry with Any Kind Outfit

Dressing can be hard if you have no idea what to wear. From the neck down to your feet, there are countless options once you open your closet door. Take jewelry, for instance. Although essential to an ensemble, it can often add too much to a look, making it appear overcrowded. 

Next time you’re in a bind, think about these fashion tips to style your jewelry.

1) Dress Up or Down for the Occasion

Dressing up or down has a lot to do with your mood and is heavily influenced by the event at hand. But sometimes, you’re stuck between the two outfits and don’t know how to style your jewelry. Whether you’re going to a black-tie event or a barbeque, consider wearing simple, elegant jewelry to elevate your look.

Instead of putting on your best jewelry with a casual outfit, try wearing it with a dressier look. The most appropriate look for the occasion will create a balance of your dressy jewelry and a casual outfit, helping you to avoid the “over-stuffing” of your look.

2) Match Busy Patterns with Simple Jewelry

With summer almost over and fall approaching, you may have pulled out all your favorite summer dresses and skirts. If so, you may notice that some of them have busy patterns. If this is the case, don’t over-accessorize with jewelry; instead, try keeping it simple.

The use of busy pattern clothing as your main pattern is an appropriate look. But if you add in additional patterns, you may appear too overdressed. A simple necklace can highlight the pattern of your dress or skirt while making your outfit appear put-together and chicer.

3) Highlight Your Face with Statement Earrings

If you’re wearing a plain outfit, then you’re in luck. This means that you have room to add your favorite jewelry and accessorize it to your taste. To begin, put on your hair, eye makeup, and lipstick, then choose your outfit.

Once you have an outfit that you’re satisfied with, pick out a simple necklace and pair it with statement earrings. Statement earrings have an impact on your outfit; therefore it’s not recommended to wear them with busy patterns or colors. Instead, choose a simple yet classy look that compliments your outfit.

4) Find Jewelry That Compliments Your Skin Tone

One of the most important fashion tips to remember is that your jewelry should complement your skin tone. If you wear jewelry that’s too light, you risk looking pale and washed out. But if your jewelry is too dark, it will often look dirty and off-putting.

Because of this, you should always wear jewelry that matches your hands and face. For example, if your skin is fair, you should avoid silver jewelry––not only does it appear dirty, but it also doesn’t complement your skin tone. On the other hand, if you have medium skin, you should wear more silver jewelry.

5) Diamonds Are Truly a Girl’s Best Friend

Today’s trends are all about the diamond. Whether it’s a cubic zirconia, a crystal, or any other gem, fashionable jewelry typically consists of diamonds. Diamonds aren’t just limited to earrings and necklaces, either; bracelets, rings, and earrings can also be adorned with diamonds.

Consider wearing a diamond-studded bracelet with a topaz ring or emerald earrings with a diamond necklace. From diamond crosses to diamond necklaces, diamonds are the most popular jewelry choice on the market.


It’s not always easy to find jewelry that compliments your outfit. But with these fashion tips, you can easily pair your accessories without having to stress over what to wear. If you’re still confused, you should narrow down your choices.

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