William Henry Lancet Alchemist Pocket Knife One-of-a-Kind




Edition 1 of 1

The Lancet ‘Alchemist’ features a beautiful heat-blued ‘Croc Skin’ damascus frame by Chad Nichols, with superlative hand-engraved silver and 24K gold inlays and malaya garnets by J. Ranger. The blade is hand-forged ‘Intrepid’ damascus steel by Chad Nichols; the one-hand button lock and the thumb stud are set with sapphires.
Alchemists such as John Dee and Nicholas Flamel were the inspiration for this exquisite engraving. Flamel was said to have found the technique for making the philosopher stone. The philosophers/Sorcerer stone is rumored to give the holder eternal life and the ability to trans-mutate base metals such as lead and mercury into gold.


    • One-hand button lock system
    • Dimensions: 

Blade 2.75″ (69.9mm)
Handle 3.63″ (92.2mm)
Overall open 6.38″ (162mm)


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