5 Styling Tips for Boho-Inspired Outfits

The boho fashion style is a modern version of hippie chic. It involves dreamy, loose, natural garments with earthy accents. While the hippie style is defined by its rich, colorful uniqueness, boho fashion is defined by its casual, warm, natural, and relaxing qualities. 

The basic principle: be comfortable! Casual and informal, this style of fashion is a breath of fresh air. While wearing boho-inspired outfits focuses on combining eclectic pieces effortlessly, it’s still important to know a few styling essentials to seamlessly pull off the look. 

Tip #1: Embrace the Feminine Touch

The most important aspect of boho fashion is its natural, free-spirited feel. This ensemble puts the spotlight on a more feminine look, so keep that in mind when choosing things to add to your wardrobe. 

Think ruffles and lace, soft, floaty fabrics, flowy maxi dresses, delicate colors, patterns and embroidery, frills and flounces, bows and ruffles, lacy shorts and peasant tops, and big, big earrings. 

Tip #2: Play Around with Long Skirts and Dresses

The floor-sweeping skirts and dresses are the epitome of this whole boho chic movement. The longer the better, as these garments can be paired with oversized tops and sweaters, oversized jackets, and cardigans to create a layered look. 

Shorter miniskirts and swingy maxi dresses spiked with earthy colors, funky patterns, and ethnic accents work especially well with this look. 

Tip #3: Spice Up Your Relaxed Look with Flared Jeans and Boot Cuts

If you are afraid of wearing long skirts, go for flared, boot-cut jeans. Not only do they make your legs look longer, but they also provide more coverage for your bum, making them more comfortable for casual occasions. 

Bootcuts and flared jeans are traditionally worn with the dressier side of boho chic. 

These pieces are great for the fancier, more elegant looks of the style. To achieve this, try a pair of fitted jeans, or a pair with embroidery, embroidered patches, embroidered hearts, or other intricate embellishments.

Tip #4: Add Boho Tunics and Blouses to the Mix

Tunics are the long, flowy, loose tops that are great paired with anything. They can be worn with jeans or with a pair of shorts for a more casual look.

You can also try out tops with interesting cuts or detailing. The key is to pair them with something that is casual in nature, whether it be skinny jeans and a pair of boots, or a pair of shorts and flip-flops.

The boho dress can be a maxi dress, a peasant dress, or a sundress. The key is to wear it with an edge in terms of colors, patterns, and the way you style it. For example, a peasant dress can be paired with a pair of jeans, while a maxi dress can be paired with a pair of sandals and a large, floppy hat.

Tip #5: Go for Natural Prints, Fabrics, and Colors

A natural look is an epitome of casual. Think lace, cotton, linen, silk, organza, and chiffon. Try pieces in earthy, muted colors and natural shades. Opt for browns, tans, beiges, and oatmeal shades. Load up on brown, black, and mustard yellow. 

Also, try white, cream, and off-white pieces. Leave the bright, bold colors for an evening look. Focus on natural textures and patterns, and try out some ethnic pieces to add a worldly yet elegant feel to your boho-inspired outfits. 

The Bottom Line: The Free-Flowing Beauty of Boho Fashion

The boho-inspired fashion style is all about feeling comfortable, relaxed, and having fun. It’s the ideal fashion style for the girl who wants to embrace her carefree side, all while looking good on the go!

To that end, the boho fashion style allows you to show your unique side, be yourself, and let your inner bohemian shine!

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