5 Tips That Will Help You Pull Off the Cowboy Boot Look

Cowboy boots are a statement. So, it’s quite understandable that some people want to avoid wearing them. After all, you either pull them off, or you end up looking out of place. But hopefully, with these tips, you’ll be able to rock those cowboy boots in style.

1. Don’t Go Full-On Wild West

Keep the cowboy look subtle. Wearing a cowboy hat as well may be a bit too much if you’re not going to be a part of a costume.

Cowboy boots alone are enough to draw attention. If a leather jacket isn’t your thing, try a pair of raw denim instead. You can also add some fringing to your denim jacket, which is a nice way of incorporating the cowboy look without being too over the top.

For a subtle touch, throw on a pair of cowboy boots with a pair of denim bottoms that fit just right.

2. Fit Is Key

Fit is everything when it comes to cowboy boots. If you wear them too small, they’ll hurt. If you wear them too big, they’ll look like clown shoes.

When you buy cowboy boots, go to a reputable store that has a good return policy. They should have boots for you to try on. Make sure you walk around the store a little bit in the boots to see how they fit. If you’re buying from an online store, make sure you do your homework. Read the reviews and find out how the boots fit.

3. Don’t Over Accessorize

If you’re going to be incorporating cowboy boots into your wardrobe, don’t make it a gimmick. Keep it simple. Let the cowboy boots speak for themselves.

If you are going to wear them with a denim jacket, then a belt that’s not too flashy should do it. The same rule goes for shirts.

If you want to wear some type of jewelry, then stick with a classic like an Indian turquoise or onyx cuff.

Try not to wear too many accessories of any kind.

4. Try Pairing Them with More Feminine Pieces

There’s no rule that says cowboy boots are only for men. If you’re a woman who would like to try the look, then feel free to experiment.

Keep in mind that as a woman, you don’t have to wear cowboy boots with a cowboy-themed outfit.

Throw them on with a pair of flowy pants and an oversized button-up shirt. This will feel more feminine and less bulky than wearing a denim jacket and will draw less attention.

Don’t be afraid to try it. You may find that you look pretty good in cowboy boots.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Elevate the Look by Going Chic

If you want to wear a pair of cowboy boots but are afraid you’ll look too wild, then try going the other way and being a little more sophisticated.

Go with a high-rise pair of denim with a nice tailored jacket, then throw on a pair of cowboy boots. This way, you’ll have the height advantage cut by the fact that you have a high rise.

If you’re ready to put some time and effort into your outfit, you can even go with a pair of shorts that have a nice drape and are made of nice material. The cowboy boot can definitely be worn in a sophisticated way.

Final Thoughts

There’s no need to be afraid of cowboy boots. They are a great addition to any wardrobe. If you’re in the market for a pair, but you’re feeling hesitant, don’t be. Take a chance. You may end up loving them.

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